Vision, Mission, Key Values and Guiding Principles

Vision, Mission, Key Values and Guiding Principles


Actively contribute to a more loving, diverse, cosmopolitan, caring, harmonious, educated and understanding world.



Facilitate and enable long-term relationships, international marriages and civil unions to increase cross-cultural understanding, mutual respect, culture, caring and harmony for the benefit of our members and society.


Key values

Continuously promote and respect:

- Diversity, equality, mutual understanding, confidentiality, and love;

- Swiss quality level of services and advices;

- Human and business ethics.


Our story

LoveLifePartners is privately owned and totally independent. It has been co-founded by Olga (from Russia) and Xavier (from Switzerland), who both met in 2016 thanks to the Internet. They married in 2017 and since then, have always wanted to give back to life the chance they got to meet despite the distance and the differences in background and culture.

Now happily pre-retired, dedicating their free time to LoveLifePartners is their way to show their gratitude and to help other international couples realizing their dreams.  


Company’s objectives and guiding principles

Our members are our only “raison d’être” and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

- Maximize the number of healthy long-term relationships, internatioanl marriages and civil unions thanks to our platform and adequate on-demand counselling.

- Reinvest continuously most of our revenues in attracting profiles matching the expectations of our members. To reach this objective, the Company will conduct regular polls amongst its paying subscribers to identify the profiles they expect. Upon this basis, the Company will direct its marketing efforts to the corresponding audiences.

- Increasing retained earnings or the number of subscribers is NOT the objective of the company.


Our international members

Cosmopolitan, diverse, profound, cultivated, and successful individuals exclusively committed to a long-term relationship with international marriage or civil union in mind.


Our people

We connect an international network of passionate, talented, and competent people aligned with our vision and values at the service of our members.


Our markets and customers

The company has a global vocation, and no customers will be discriminated against. Our expansion will however continuously follow the needs and requirements of our active members in terms of geography, gender, age, sexual orientation, among many other criteria. 


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