Why are we different?

Why are we different?

1. Only committed people seeking life-long relationship, marriage, or civil union

LoveLifePartners is not a dating site. It is a “Life Partner site” or special dating site, which is quite different. To become a member, you must be fully available and exclusively committed to one goal: building a life-long relationship, ideally with an international marriage or civil union in mind. Anybody interested in casual dating, sexual encounters, extra-marital affairs, hookups, one-night stands and alike should not join our site. Members not aligned with our vision and goals can be reported at any time by any of our subscribers and could be, at our sole discretion, excluded, even if they subscribed to a paid plan, in which case they will be reimbursed pro-rata temporis.  


2. No taboo questions but relevant information to plan a life together

Given the sole goal of our website, key profile fields affecting a lifelong partnership are, contrary to most sites, mandatory. This is to accelerate matching and determine whether a life together could make sense, thus avoiding unrealistic or non-reciprocal expectations. Among other data, profiles must indicate:

- Details about existing children and related expectations;

- Ranges of annual income and of net wealth;

- Lifestyle aspects;

- Precise education level and occupation;

- Proficiency levels in selected languages;

- Willingness or ability to relocate for international marriages or civil unions. 


3. Strong ethics and values

The owners of LoveLifePartners, an international multicultural couple, have not as an objective to build a business or to generate an income for them. Both are well-off pre-retired and they are committing to this venture as a way to give back to society by promoting the following values that have helped them during their life: 

- No discrimination and benefits of multiculturalism;

- Diversity, equality, mutual understanding, confidentiality, and love;

Swiss quality level of services and advices;

- Human and business ethics.

To learn more about the objective of LoveLifePartners, please refer to our Vision, Mission, Key Values and Objectives document under our “About Us” section.  


4. Does size matter?

LoveLifePartners has not as an objective to increase its size. We recognize that you only need to find the adequate person to become your wife- or husband-to-be. Would it help if the website contained millions of members? Do you benefit from being in competition with millions of other people? More importantly, could our staff or any staff offer you consistent on-demand help and advice across the planet if you were millions?

Our philosophy is rather opposite, and we believe we can maximize happy endings by taking better care of a limited number of members. So, although the club has an international vocation, size is not our priority. Our main objective is to maximize the rate of success of our members, not our size. Our objective is that you find your soulmate. 


5. We are your “heart hunters” and you drive our marketing

We regularly perform on our site polls to identify what profiles you are after. Based on that, we reinvest a large share of your subscription fees to specific marketing campaigns aiming at attracting your soulmate. Digital marketing today allows us to target people relevant to you, efficiently and precisely. You are henceforth in the co-driver seat when it comes to approaching potential new members.  


6. On-demand personalized advice

Through our “Ask Olga” unique service, we can assist and help you with the challenges you may encounter in the search of your life partner, especially in case of international marriage or civil unions.


7. Highest confidentiality and privacy

We ensure the maximum confidentiality in your approach. We do not register your last name on any of our servers to secure your privacy.

When you are a paying member, free members are not able to see you but you can see all free members profiles, thus increasing your power of initiative and decision while preserving your privacy.

Finally, even as a paying member, you can request for an additional fee to be temporarily incognito in the application, should you wish to first see other members before you become visible to them.


8. Cosmopolitan and international

LoveLifePartners also strongly believes multicultural and international marriages and civil unions enrich the couples and society.

*  *  *

All the above make LoveLifePartners a unique and special dating site.


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